In the nearly 25 years of practicing in Kingston,Dr Tessier and staff have noticed a disturbing trend amongst Queen’s and St Lawrence  students….an alarming rate of caries(cavities) in their teeth,and especially in between teeth.

On a regular basis when students come to the office for New Patient exams,it’s common to diagnose multiple caries,often in patients who have never,or have had few fillings in the past.

Why so?

The short answer is:Lifestyle.

The life of a student is to say the least “Busy”,if not “Hectic”. With regards to the mouth,students are often GRAZING with eating. Multiple meals,grabbing a snack between classes,possibly sipping on creamy,sweetened coffee or tea throughout the day (“Timmys”,anyone??) or soda pop,with no increased frequency of brushing….and the lack of flossing is dead give away on the X rays where the majority of the cavities are found. Quickly lost is the 3 square meals a day with the routine ceremony of brushing afterwards (“Yes,Mother”!!).

Solution:Short answer:Brush,or at the least RINSE! during the day,and floss at night.

Even healthy eating has as much of of a chance to cause cavities! The process starts with the continual introduction of food to the teeth,leaving it on long enough for the bacteria in the mouth to convert it to acids which will dissolve the enamel.As far as the bacteria is concerned,”Food is food”,with sweetened foods be worse,as we all know.This takes place amazingly quick.First year students are often affected within a few months.

So,if one cannot brush after each meal,at least swish vigorously with water,then spit or swallow.

Bottom line:Get the food,sugars off the teeth ASAP,so that the caries process is reduced.As a side note:The water in Kingston,as much to the disappointment of this dentist,is not fluoridated.



And FYI:This WILL be on the final!