Kingston Dentist

Finding a Kingston Dentist shouldn’t be hard nor should it be stressful. Kingston Creekside Dental is the result of over 20 years of exceptional dentistry in Kingston. After years of building a loyal following, Dr. David Tessier and his staff outgrew his midtown office and needed to expand to a larger space so that he can continue to provide the same exceptional service to his ever growing patient base.

Here at Kingston Creekside Dental, we are accepting new patients. We utilize the latest in technology, and ensure we make our patients as comfortable as possible with their Kingston Dentist.

We are located at 1469 Princess Street, Unit 1 in Kingston, Ontario.

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New reversal drug for local anesthetic

Recently approved in Canada,there is now a local anaesthetic ("freezing") reversal drug that accelerates the return to normal sensation and function(in particular,speaking and eating).This is especially welcome to the lower jaw because with some,the freezing effect...

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