Today, most fillings placed are white, resin-based. Traditional amalgam(“silver”) fillings are not as common, not because of the fear of any ill effects from its use but because of the expectations of the general public for more aesthetic restoration. White fillings have progressed tremendously in the last 30 years. These fillings are resin-based(“plastic”) and not metal, like amalgam. Historically, the early White fillings tended to wear fast. Nowadays, the materials have tremendously improved inwear resistance. They last much longer now, and have the added benefit of bonding extremely well to the tooth. The key to a successful Composite filling (the name dentists give to a white filling) is for proper bonding to the natural tooth. For proper seal to take place there has to be a controlled dry environment so there is no contamination from saliva, or blood. This is why at Kingston Creekside Dental, the rubber dam is used most of the time, especially for the back teeth. Although, some patients find it a nuisance Dr. Tessier and his staff feel very strongly this is the best means to ensure a properly placed, sealed and long lived restoration. Adjustments to the fit can be made for mouth breathers, gaggers and claustrophobic patients.